A BUSINESSWOMAN from Basingstoke has offered to help self-employed workers during the outbreak.

Mandi Martin, 36, from Chineham, a self-employed owner of Pink Spaghetti PA Services Basingstoke, helps businesses stay afloat as they adjust to working at home.

The businesswoman is offering self-employed workers a chance to boost their social media presence online and support them with administrative tasks and project management.

She said: “The turnover has dropped by 40 per cent in the last month. One client furloughed herself but needs someone to manage her emails.

“I predict a loss of several thousands of pounds and some clients may have to close their businesses.

"Understandably, I have had some clients, for various reasons, temporarily suspend the need for our PA services during this time. Others, however, are busier than ever. The reality is that those who continue marketing their businesses should the benefit when things get back to ‘normal’".

The 36-year-old is doing a 90-day business plan by offering customers tips on what they can do to keep going during the pandemic.

“I reckon my business will not go back to normal in September. Technology is helping as I have spent several years doing work online and making Zoom calls,” she added.