Basingstoke residents send their best wishes to a policeman who was attacked in Churchill Place on Easter Sunday.

A 43-year-old from Basingstoke was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in an apartment block in Churchill Way.

Officers responded to the incident at 4.30pm on Sunday, April 12.

Following a welfare call, an officer attended the scene and was attacked by a man and left with serious injuries.

He was rushed to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital for treatment and has recently been discharged.

Resident, Tess Ewington, posted on Twitter: “Hampshire Police, wishing your officer from Basingstoke all the very best for their recovery. Thoughts to his immediate work family who will have seen one of their own so brutally attacked. Please pass on get well wishes.”

Another said: “Awful news, please wish them a speedy recovery from a Basingstoke resident.”

Whilst someone else added: “I hope this police officer gets better. Sadly, Basingstoke has become a hot bed for disorderly behaviour and violence.”