An ILLUSTRATOR from Basingstoke has partnered with British clothing brand, Joules, and has joined their Friends of Joules Community.

Laura Fisher, 21, from Cranbourne, was offered the Joules partnership on Wednesday, April 8.

She started her business a year ago, opening ‘Laura Fisher Illustrations’ shop in the Viables Craft Centre.

The illustrator said: “I used to work in IT and recently got back into art as I always had an interest. I started drawing houses.

“I decided to draw a house for my mum as a gift of our old house we had lived in for 20 years.”

Ms Fisher had an interview with Hampshire Living Magazine after a woman saw her art illustrations online.

Joules then contacted Ms Fisher via email and told her about the partnership.

“I was really surprised that I was offered the partnership because I had dreamed of having my own shop and homeware. I have a small business and I was amazed that Joules would consider my designs.

“Joules have a handful of British businesses they partner with called the Friends of Joules Community.

“I am really pleased and excited to have been offered this partnership. It is the biggest milestone achieved in my career yet,” Ms Fisher added.