THE chief executive of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has thanked NHS staff for all they are doing during the pandemic.

Alex Whitfield said: “The NHS clap, people, colleagues and neighbours are recognising what frontline workers are doing and it’s wonderful. I saw something on Facebook where people commented that we realise doctors and nurses are more valuable than bankers.”

However, she stressed the importance of looking after NHS staff, adding: “I worry about our staff wellbeing, changing jobs and working in new areas, looking after respiratory patients and being competently checked. We need to make sure we are looking after them.”

She said staff are “unbelievably resilient” and “moral is quite high” due to their high CQC rating.

The chief executive said they have “loads of things in play” for managing staff wellbeing.

“There is everything from staff helplines, counselling support, through to information. It’s been amazing the donations and support we have had from the community and businesses.

“I am sat in a room full of Easter eggs, and bumper bags full of lollies, costa coffee cans. People have given us so much; it is making people feel so appreciated. The 8pm clock tonight is helping keep staff buoyant,” she added.