MOST pupils may not be attending school at the moment, but teachers are working around the clock to ensure that education carries on uninterrupted.

After schools closed at the end of the day on March 20, many pupils have remained at home since. However, teachers have still been going to work, looking after and educating the children of key workers, as well as those on education and healthcare plans.

And on top of that, one primary school in Basingstoke has committed to keeping school as familiar as possible for pupils.

Fairfields Primary School, on Council Road, have acted quickly to implement a new plan from scratch - offering three lessons a day to all pupils via Zoom, whether they are at home or still in the school.

“It is challenging in different ways,” headteacher Kelly Dillon told the Gazette.

“We are now delivering three Zoom lessons a day for each child, as well as providing education in school so that takes quite a lot of adapting.

“The lessons are great because you get to meet with a teacher, and we’ve had to adapt who delivers which lessons.”

The school, which are currently looking after around 20 pupils, are operating on a rota system, giving them the flexibility they need should members of staff go off sick or self-isolate. This includes Miss Dillon and her deputy working a week on, week off, to minimise the chance of them both being off at the same time.

Speaking of the community support she has received, Miss Dillon added: “I think that that’s what’s kept us going as teachers, and as a headteacher, knowing that my community are completely behind me and supporting us.

“We’ve had lots of cards and chocolates from members of the community just to say thank you, they’re really happy with the Zoom lessons and that we had a plan before the schools closed, that the children had lessons on how to use Zoom before we closed, and so our parents have been really appreciative.”