It is wonderful we are clapping our NHS staff but the reality is they are struggling in fact burning out. They do not see themselves as heroes but doing the job they trained to do.

Currently mothers and fathers are leaving their children to care for us, which they see as their duty. Many are now not receiving the help from their support networks due to social isolation. These support networks would provide childcare and other help.

What have they got now?

Yes keyworkers can send their children to school but since when did schools open at a time where health workers start 7am or earlier, night shifts and other unsocial hours?

Parents are riddled with guilt that they will infect their children. All health care workers are not receiving testing, not being provided with adequate PPE, are burning out from mental exhaustion. Our health care workers are familiar with hard work but playing Russian Roulette every time you go on shift is eroding to their mental health.

I am aware we are in difficult times - all leave being cancelled. To hear people owing the health service hours because they have to start shifts late because of having to take children to school and collect them. Disgusting. Hospital nurseries closing. Where is the care for our front line staff ?

Platitudes are cheap Mr Hancock. These people are important, so do something about theses issues.

Carol Rogers, Kenilworth Road, Winklebury