A BASINGSTOKE woman was denied access to an Aldi store after explaining to the bodyguard that she has hidden disabilities.

Mother-of-six, Jennifer Nickless, 50, from Bourdillon Gardens, who does not wish to be pictured, tried to enter the Aldi store in Winklebury with her partner, Roy Duffy, 49, as a pair after showing the bodyguard her Blue Badge on Tuesday, April 7.

Ms Nickless has myeloproliferative disorder and cervical spondulosis, the former a bone marrow disease and the latter a condition affecting the spine.

Mr Duffy said that the bodyguard stopped them from entering the shop in spite of a couple ahead of them in the queue with a walking stick being allowed access.

Mr Duffy told the Gazette: “The security guard saw we were a couple but said we could not shop together. 

“I asked the bodyguard to speak to the manager after being denied access but was turned down.

“I lost my temper and phoned head office and they said to speak to security. I was very angry and felt disrespected by them.

“My partner told me that being denied access made her feel like it was disability discrimination. She was upset about not being able to go into the store.”

The pair decided to go to another Aldi store in Brighton Hill and were allowed inside.

A spokesperson from Aldi said: "Please be assured we take all incidents of this nature extremely seriously and we will take action to ensure this never happens again. 

"The Store Manager has been contacted regarding this incident and will deal with this accordingly."