A BASINGSTOKE fan has produced a series of lockdown videos with his family after his favourite US country band Big & Rich released their country song ‘Stay Home’.

Father-of-two, Gary Williams, 32, from Brighton Hill, woke up on Friday, April 3 and spotted on Instagram that his favourite US country music artist, John Rich, had released a song about lockdown.

Inspired by the country song, Gary produced lockdown videos with his son, Lloyd, 10, and daughter, Willow, 6, on Sunday, April 5.

Gary said he made the videos after witnessing people flouting the rules, sunbathing and having picnics in Basingstoke.

Gary posted on John Rich’s Instagram messenger: “Hey John, I am a huge fan from Basingstoke in the south of England, I woke up this morning and heard ‘Stay Home’ on your Instagram story. I love the song 100 per cent and want to make a little home music video with my kids using the song. In these hard and weird times, I just thought we could use some light-hearted fun. Once again John, I love you and Big Kenny.”

John Rich replied to Gary’s message: “Might use these on some social stories with your permission, great job!”

He told the Gazette: “I love country music and wanted to spread the government’s message to stay at home. My partner is a police officer and is dealing with people flouting the rules.”

“I did the video to get people to stay at home. I started planning on Friday and messaged John Rich saying I love the song and want to use it. I did a run through with my kids yesterday from 9.30am to 4.30pm and filmed it all on my iPhone.

“We shot it all in a sequence, uploaded it to iMovie and edited the clips.”

The video has been viewed over 1,000 times.