A MUSICIAN from Hampshire, who found himself out of work because of the worldwide spread of coronavirus, has adapted to the crisis by turning his talents to an audiobook.

Elliott Frisby, who was the musical director to four cruise ships before the travel restrictions, found that his work dried up overnight after government measures against unnecessary travel came into effect.

“Overnight the work just went,” he told the Gazette. “It was hard at first but you really have to band together. This is one of the most important things that will happen in our lifetime.”

Out of work and not sure what to do, Elliott decided to turn to his other project - as the managing director of Monkeynut Audiobooks.

They have now released a free audiobook for children - titled Thomas and the Virus - and set in Sunshine Hill, a series he is releasing later in the year.

“I went through 3 days of finding it incredibly difficult and was being overtaken by anxiety but then I snapped out of it and turned my head to creativity,” Elliott continued.

“One thing which I found a struggle was monitoring and explaining to my young children the importance of washing their hands for 20 seconds and learning social distancing. 20 seconds is a long time for a 4-year-old especially when they have eczema on their hands!

“I decided to create a short story based in Sunshine Hill, a series I am releasing later this year, telling a story about Thomas Rabbit and his best friend Bruno and how they overcome their boredom whilst being taught along the way by Mrs Rabbit about the virus and how to prevent it spreading.”

The book is available online for free, and sees Thomas Rabbit and his friends having to stay indoors, finding new ways of having fun.

The book also helps parents and guardians explain to young children about the virus and the importance of washing their hands properly.

“One thing that I am really delighted about is that people are calling me that I don’t know,” Elliott added.

“People have said that it has really helped them. It really means a lot to me.”

You can find out more at monkeynutuk.com.