A 92-year-old Basingstoke woman has made a remarkable recovery from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital a week ago.

Helen Gent, from Winklebury, is one of just 135 people across the UK who have fully recovered from the disease. 

The grandmother has been in isolation at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 and pneumonia last week.

But last night, her family got the welcomed news that Mrs Gent, known as 'Gma' by her grandchildren, has recovered – and is now deemed medically fit.

Granddaughter Hayleigh Clayton, 35, from Popley, told the Gazette: “The hospital called today to say grandma is now medically fit and clear from Covid and ready to leave. She is still a bit weak and will probably have to go into a care home but we are so pleased.

“We have been through a lot as a family in recent years and Gma [grandma] has really knocked it out of the park by beating coronavirus.”

Figures show there are 498 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Hampshire and more than 22,000 cases around the UK.

According to the latest government figures, just 135 people who tested positive for the disease have recovered  – including 92-year-old Mrs Gent.

The retired Basingstoke shop worker was taken into hospital last week after suffering a fall.

Medics noticed she had a temperature and was displaying symptoms for the disease.

Basingstoke Gazette: Mrs Gent and her granddaughter Hayleigh who is "over the moon" with the newsMrs Gent and her granddaughter Hayleigh who is "over the moon" with the news

Hayleigh said: “They tested her and she came back positive for coronavirus and positive for pneumonia as well.”

For the last few days, Mrs Gent has been on the C3 ward in isolation.

The hardest part was knowing as a family they weren't allowed to visit, Hayleigh said. She said: “It’s been stressful for me as I suffer with health conditions and I’ve been poorly. I managed to visit her in hospital earlier this year but it’s been tough this time round knowing we can’t be there. No one has been allowed to visit her and it’s been horrible knowing she is on her own. She’s quite reserved.

“I’ve been writing to people who work on the ward to get messages to her. I’d do anything for her, I love her to bits.”

Mrs Gent was on oxygen but luckily didn’t have to be put onto a ventilator. Hayleigh said: “She wasn’t on a ventilator; she didn’t get to the point where she needed one but she was on antibiotics that probably helped her.

“It’s funny because when we found out she had coronavirus I had a feeling she would be ok.

“She was put in isolation but apparently the next morning she was sat up eating breakfast, watching television.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Celebration: Helen Gent on her 92nd birthday Celebration: Helen Gent on her 92nd birthday

Hayleigh said her grandma will be leaving the hospital shortly and moving into a care home locally.

Speaking about her grandparent who has lived through the Second World War and eight recessions, Hayleigh said: “She is made of strong stuff. She is very stubborn and won’t let things like this beat her.”

Mrs Gent worked previously at Marks and Spencer in town and lived on Tiverton Road with her late husband, a former police officer and painter and decorator.

“She’s in very good health other than a failed hip, she has always looked after herself. She’s spent most the time eating cream cakes or things from the deluxe section of Tesco.

“Gma is a glam queen and always puts her make-up on and has indoor pearls.”

Hayleigh said she wanted people to hear about her grandmother’s story to bring hope to other families going through it at the moment. “The media appears to be concentrating on the bad, there are plenty of people that are recovering,” she said.

Her advice to others currently witnessing their relatives fighting coronavirus is to stay positive. Hayleigh said: “Just keep your hopes high, keep your state of mind positive. Never give up and just try and pull through.

“We are a very strong family, we’ve had a lot of health issues and have really gone through the last few years so grandma recovering has really knocked it out of the park for us. We hope our luck is turning.”

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust has been contacted for comment.

Hayleigh praised the staff at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital who kept them informed. She said: "The nurses rang my mum daily with updates to let her know how she was getting on. So we were definitely well informed. We couldn't always get through to the ward because they're so busy up there right now. But we really appreciated them calling up to keep us updated."

Hayleigh shared news of Mrs Gent's recovery to Facebook and a post went viral, with more than 28,000 likes in three hours. 

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