A CANCER survivor is giving back to his community by raising money to donate coffee pod machines and several hundred drinks to Basingstoke hospital.

Adam Gumbiner, 46, from Monxton Place, plans on donating 10 to 15 coffee machines, equating to 4000 drinks.

“When I see a paramedic or NHS worker, I like to buy them a coffee because the NHS saved my life four years ago from cancer.

“I had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, including an operation on my arm. I am classed as vulnerable because I had surgery performed on my lungs to get rid of the cancer.

“The staff at the NHS were amazing and professional. I was on a lot of drugs and it felt rubbish.

“I realised that nurses get awful instant coughing and it’s impractical for them to go to Costa every hour. All coffee shops are closed, and they cannot get them. NHS workers are not allowed off ward because it’s only way they can do infection control.

“An opportunity has arisen to buy NHS staff several hundreds of thousands of coffees. I want frontline NHS workers to get a little thank you and that’s all it’s about. I am not taking one penny in expenses.”

Adam said NHS staff are run off their feet, isolated and cannot go from department to department during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Basingstoke hospital is setting up a series of staff wellness rooms so they can chill out. If you can save them money on coffee, it’s a nice way of showing appreciation.

“I’ve spoken to Hampshire Health Trust and Basingstoke is where they want the coffee machines to go first.

“I’ve received messaged from ambulance staff and they said it is a lovely thing to do,” Adam added.

The 46-year-old has raised £1,132 out of his £2,000 target on his gofundme page.