A KIND-HEARTED tree surgeon has come to the aid of an elderly man who was unable to use his garden due to a fallen tree.

Stephen Paterson, 39, was moved after reading about the plight Kenneth May on the Gazette earlier today and has offered to remove the tree for free.

Eighty-two-year-old Kenneth, who is in the high risk category for potentially catching coronavirus and is currently self-isolating, has been stuck indoors and unable to get outside after a large tree crashed down in his garden during a storm earlier this year.

And now tree surgeon Stephen, from Beggarwood, has kindly offered to remove the tree next week to enable Kenneth to get back outside.

Speaking to the Gazette, Stephen said he was concerned about Kenneth not being able to use his garden.

He said: "I saw the Facebook post and thought [it was wrong that] the guy cannot even hang his washing out on the line, but I can sort it out.

“To me, the tree looks like it could be 10 foot from the photograph.

“I have 24 years of experiencing cutting down trees and I will do what I can to acquire the equipment I need to do the job.

“My main concern is giving the man access. If I can chop up the tree using a chainsaw and get it bagged, I can then take the remains away.”

Stephen’s wife, Zena added: “He may be able to borrow the equipment from work. Up until this month, he was in work three days a week.

“He would do anything to help anyone. Everybody likes him. He’s a kind, family man.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Kenneth has been unable to use his garden due to the fallen treeKenneth has been unable to use his garden due to the fallen tree

Basingstoke Gazette:

As previously reported, 82-year-old Kenneth said he been stuck inside since February and hasn't been able to hang out his washing because the gigantic tree is blocking his garden.

The 82-year-old, who lives on Penrith Road, suffers with COPD, a respiratory condition which means he must self-isolate for the next 12 weeks.

Speaking previously, Kenneth said: “The tree fell down on February 9 because of the storm. I cannot use the clothesline and do not know how much damage has been caused.

“The storm has taken several fence panels down. I only have five feet of the garden space remaining."