A high-flying business executive who lost his job a week ago amid the Covid crisis has been dubbed an inspiration after walking straight into a job stacking shelves at Tesco. 

David Kemshall, a former business development manager at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, has been flooded with messages of support after sharing his story online. 

The father-of-one was let go from his role as an operations manager at White Truffle Events a week ago.

But he picked himself up - getting a job at Chineham Tesco the following day. 

In a post to LinkedIn, he wrote: "Lost my job yesterday to the coronavirus outbreak after recovering from losing my job to Brexit. 

"Been straight into supermarkets that need help putting food on their shelves to ask for a job. 

"No job is too big or small when you have a family to support." 

The post went viral on the networking platform with dozens of people leaving comments praising David for his spirit. 

“I just want to give you an update about today and what’s happened. I turned up to Lidl first thing this morning at 8am, absolutely buzzing, thinking I will smash out some stock, serve some customers, really make an impact on the store.

"I walked through the front door of Lidl and the manager said I won’t be serving any customers, I won’t be putting any stock out, the delivery is done. What he wants me to do is be a cleaner.

“I was literally shadowing another cleaner and searching for things to do.”

David said he was a “bit shocked” that he was stood on the shop floors with 60 angry customers that weren’t being served with nine tills and three or four members of staff serving.

“I just felt gutted. Give me a till, let me serve and help the customers through the tills because that’s what you need right now,” he added.

David explained that location and job wise, he wanted to be in the Tesco, Chineham store.

He drove up to Tesco to see if they were processing his application and walked through the front door where the manager said they were interviewing.

The 35-year-old was pushed into a multiple person interview and completed an assessment.

David passed the assessment and was offered the role as a night person in Tesco.

“Through absolute persistence, I am finally in at Tesco to where I want to be and I can make an impact and thump stock out while the store is closed.

"My positive attitude comes from successful family members and influential managers I have worked with in the past.

"I'm looking to work everyday for 12 weeks to show how committed I am to Tesco's or a future employer,” he added.