The Gazette has helped put an elderly Basingstoke couple on an emergency flight home, after they were locked down in Cyprus for over a week.

After contacting easyJet for a comment as to why the couple were not able to fly home, they were placed on an emergency flight back to the UK. 

Shirley Dalton, 68 and Terence Dalton, 69, from Cranbourne have been on holiday in Cyprus since February 25, 2020.

"My wife is quite stressed and it's making her unwell. We want reassurance that we can get a flight back home.

"We have contacted easyJet and the government but it's like talking to a brick wall.

"We are on lockdown in Cyprus and are not allowed outside our accomodation. We cannot get medicine or the post.

"easyJet has a duty of care but it doesn't help when the government says get home as soon as you can," Terence said.

They were originally due to return from their holiday on March 24 with easyJet but their flight from Paphos International Airport was cancelled and rescheduled to March 30.

But their new flight on March 20 was also cancelled.

Now, the couple will be on an emergency flight home with easyJet on March 29.

A spokesperson from easyJet said: "Following the UK government's updated instructions to the country, we have been working closely with Public Health England who have established guidelines for us to follow for our rescue flights in the coming days to repatriate customers.

“As well as operating strictly in line with the guidance from the authorities, we are also taking additional actions to mitigate the risks where possible. The health and wellbeing of all customers and crew remains our highest priority.

"We are contacting customers with information about these flights and how to book onto them and providing details on the additional safety measures that will be in place.

“Flight details will also be published on our latest travel information pages”