A KIND hearted small business owner has donated hundreds of bars of soap to Basingstoke hospital.

Vedia Osman runs As Above Soap Below at Viables Craft Centre, in Basingstoke and decided to make a donation of 200 bars of soap to NHS staff as a way to say thank you.

The soap contains oregano essential oil, which Vedia researched has the most antibacterial qualities.

She said: “I made around 300 soap and I spoke to the hospital to see if they wanted them and they did. They took around 200 and I have spoken to them again and they said they would keep taking them so I will keep making them.”

Vedia, who has had to shut her shop because of the latest Government restrictions, said she is now going to spend her spare time making the soap for the hospital, as well as stocking up for when she is allowed to re-open her shop.

She said: “The hospital was really grateful. I received a message from someone in ICU and she said it meant the world which was really nice. It means a lot to me to be able to do this, and makes me feel quite emotional because NHS staff are doing so much to help us, anything we can do to help them we are helping each other.

“It’s so nice to know that this passion of mine is making a difference in a small way.”