A BASINGSTOKE schoolboy’s artwork is celebrated on social media after the government announced schools were closing across the UK due to Covid-19 pandemic. Ethan Curd, 15, from Sherborne St John, found out on March 19 that all his exams would be cancelled.

Ethan’s mother, Juliette Curd, posted her son’s artwork on Facebook where it received over 1,000 reactions and 300 comments.

The 15-year-old has used acrylic, water colours and spray paint in his artwork.

Juliette said: “I am really proud of Ethan and how he’s handled the situation. He’s planning on doing some work for charity. His art teacher said he has talent and should do something about it.”

Ethan took Graphic Art GCSE and has produced a year’s worth of artwork. He chose the aquatic life module and has made a collage of a turtle brining in pollution with bottled tops and melted plastic bags to make seaweed.

“I sent my son’s artwork to my friends. Ethan said it’s all a waste of my time but no it’s not, his artwork will make people smile.”

Ethan has a place at Peter Symonds College to study product design, media and criminology in September.