REPORTS on social media suggest that a Basingstoke business is remaining open despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

On March 23, the prime minister, Boris Johnson announced new restrictions on British life to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Shops selling non-essential goods have been told to shut.

According to a resident, The Vape Inn, on Cranbourne Lane is "still open for business."

Basingstoke Gazette: The Vape Inn says they are seeking clarification as to their opening statusThe Vape Inn says they are seeking clarification as to their opening status

The shop has implemented restrictions, believed to be two people in the shop at one time.

The shop owner said on the Facebook post: “Anyone not abiding by these measures will not be served.”

A social media user said: “Not sure if you can do this as you will be down as a non-essential shop as they have all to close from now. And only two people at a time are allowed out.”

The shop owner responded: “This has been discussed and we are proceeding as above for the time being.”

The social media user said: “Only food stores and pharmacies are allowed open.”

The Gazette has contacted The Vape Inn for comment.

The Vape Inn said they will remain open until 1pm.

In other business news, the partner of an employee from Game Warehouse is concerned about their partner's working hours admidst coronavirus outbreak.

The employee's partner said: "Hello, my partner works for a gaming warehouse and has been told he has to still work from tomorrow is this correct? Or should the warehouse be closed? We also have a 7 year old child that is type 1 diabetic and at risk of a dka. Thanks."