About 12 days ago I started having a sore throat and coughing. This peaked out about six days ago, at which time I felt knackered. Now I feel better, but still have a mildly sore throat, and cough occasionally. Now looking this up on the NHS website it seems I might have had Coronavirus, but I might not. I was never short of breath though.

I'm over 70 (71), and had a heart attack over six years ago. So what do I do? Well I'm self isolating, potentially for months.

If it was the virus my cough could go on for ages, although it is very infrequent now.

Self-isolating is preferable to death, but its going to be hard not seeing the kids and grandkids, although most of them have been in contact via WhatsApp or text.

But it has become obvious that it is going to be difficult to keep one's self fed without going shopping. Online supermarket shopping is overloaded, finding a delivery slot is almost impossible, and when you do go online nearly everything is out of stock. I could do with a diet, but this ridiculous.

The real dilemma is am I protecting myself from getting it, or am I preventing others getting it? Coughing in public makes one feel like a mass murderer. Relatives have said they'd get stuff for me, but if they are ill I might end up shopping myself. It would be great to know I'd had it and was now immune, but I don't know and must presume what I had was some other virus. On top of that other relatives who were and are in physical contact with me, haven't had a thing wrong with them.

Brian Simmonds, Belmont Heights, Hatch Warren