You are driving along a road minding your own business when you hit a pothole. 

Unfortunately in Basingstoke in recent weeks, our readers tell us this is more than a one-off occurrence. 

Over the last few weeks, people from across the town have been writing to us expressing their anger at the state of the roads.

With one of the wettest winters on record, the tarmac has been taking a hammering.

Motorists have been complaining that all to often, the drains have been flooded and potholes filled with rainwater.

Now, with the weather getting better, our photographer has been out and about snapping the most spectacular dents in the road.

Amongst your suggestions on Facebook, the A30 at Brighton Hill Roundabout, outside Central Car Park, Western Way, Vyne Road and even the M3.

However, amongst the most popular were these three: Buckskin Lane, Pack Lane and Sullivan Road.

Cars were seen having to swerve around the hole in the road on Buckskin Lane, whilst Elliot Rowley said: "Speed bumps by Pack Lane shops are falling apart."

Readers also mentioned Sullivan Road in Brighton Hill: a winding road navigating bus stops and traffic islands, and features several potholes, including opposite Chalk Ridge Primary School.

And this road was, in the opinion of Cllr Andy Konieczko (Lib Dem, Brighton Hill N), the worst road in Basingstoke.

“I was driving along there on Sunday and was zig zagging around the potholes,” he told the Gazette earlier this month.

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “Following the wettest Autumn for 100 years, followed by record rainfall and storms in February, it’s a challenge dealing with the damage that’s been done to Hampshire’s 5,500 miles of road.

“The County Council has recently committed an extra £5 million from local resources for highways maintenance in the next financial year."

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