The Church of England has announced that wedding ceremonies should be limited to a maximum of five people during the coronavirus outbreak. 

This number includes the bride and the groom leaving two witnesses in attendance as Public Health England encourage the public to practice social-distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. 

The Church has advised couples to stream their ceremonies to their loved ones and "very significantly scale back" the number of guests attending the service itself. 

The Bishop of Manchester, Dr David Walker said: "Couples and parents, friends and families will have been planning for months, even years for their special moment, whether a wedding or a christening.

"Now it can go ahead – but with only the minimum required in attendance. You may need to cancel or postpone.

"Whatever decision is made, God’s love and blessing will still surround all those who would have been there that day.

"Prayers will still be offered, and there will be a special day to look forward to in the future.

"We encourage those who would have been there to hold couples and families in their prayers, and pray that everyone will know God’s love is holding them at this time."

This comes after Princess Beatrice was forced to cancel her wedding scheduled for May dur to the ongoing pandemic.

This advice also applies to baptisims, with guests restricted to the child, parents, godparents and the minister. 

Priests have been recommended not to hold the child and water should be poured using an "appropriate implement" such as a shell.