An Oxford graduate fell 150ft to his death during his descent from a Greek mountain summit while rushing to get down before it got dark, an inquest has heard.

Robert Frome, from Odiham, who had just gained a position as a paralegal at a top law firm, had gone for a walking holiday in the Pindus mountain range of north-western Greece when he fell on September 8 last year.

Robert flew to Greece on September 5, 2019 on the 5.55am Easy Jet plane at Gatwick, the court heard.

The 26-year-old, who had studied classics at Oxford, had walked up to the summit of Mount Tymfi using an easy approach but had chosen a more difficult path to descend.

At Basingstoke Coroner’s court yesterday, the court heard that the Greek police said Robert’s body was found by the special navy rescue helicopter in a gorge in north-western Greece after a three-day operation, using a special camera.

His father, Nicholas Frome, told the Basingstoke inquest on Wednesday that he believed his son had been jogging down the mountain and taking photos to find the best path down before it became dark.

Coroner Christopher Wilkinson said: “It appears Robert had no realisation of the dangers of the ground he had walked down to.

“There are very steep cliffs and there are no routes down. He either got too close looking for a way down or the ground gave way.

“He fell 150ft and it’s my hope he died instantaneously from the head injuries he sustained.”

Mr Frome said he contacted the police and Greek search and rescue groups after his son failed to return phone messages.

The court heard there was a large police and volunteer search party presence and two helicopters involved in the search.

His son’s body was recovered a few days later having fallen down a cliff face close to the Astraka refuge hut, the inquest heard.

Describing his son, Mr Frome said: “He was a fit and active young man, he had gone walking in other parts of the world, he wasn’t a mountain climber, but he was an adventurous free spirit.”

He added: “He was also a scholar at Marlborough College, read classics at Oxford and since graduating he passed his first legal exams.”

Mr Wilkinson was visibly moved and passed a tissue by the assistant as he said Mr Frome died of multiple injuries and recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.

He said: “Robert had set out for an adventurous climb by himself but tragically through a decision-making process we will not understand, he was a seeking a quicker way down the mountain and has sadly fallen to his death.

“Robert was incredibly widely travelled and an adventurous soul.”