Two people have been found guilty for assisting an offender following the shooting of a teenager in a dispute over a fatal road accident.

Glen Johnson, 43, of no fixed abode and Samantha Binfield, 52, of Hearsey Gardens denied the offence following a re-trial at Winchester Crown Court yesterday. 

Danny Stevens, who was 17 at the time, was left permanently paralysed after he was shot at a garage black in Hearsey Gardens, Blackwater, on Februay 10, 2018. 

At a previous trial in October 2019, the jury were unable to reach a verdict for Johnson and Binfield. 

The third defendant, a 17-year-old boy, was cleared of attempted murder but found guilty of causing griveous bodily harm with intent and sentenced to eight years and ten weeks in youth custody. 

Following the shooting, both Johnson and Binfield attempted to hide the suspect from the police, the prosecution told the court.

Binfield came to the scene of the shooting and drove the teenager to her house to clean up. 

The court heard how Johnson later drove the suspect to a location in Chertsey where he kept a boat and allowed him to change clothes and stay overnight. 

Johnson then took the suspect Basingstoke Police Investigation Centre the next morning to hand himself in where both defendants were arrested.

Johnson failed to appear when summoned to court and was later arrested on a warrant in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2019. 

Both will be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on April 24.