Former player Steve Frangou has written an open letter to Rafi Razzak, former Basingstoke Town Football Club owner. "Mr Razzak, you came into our town’s football club sometime ago now. During your tenure there have been the ups and downs that go with the club but that is nothing out of the ordinary for Basingstoke Town FC, that’s been the norm over the years,

"However the downs right now far out way anything that the club has ever been through before.

"Under your tenure the club almost gained promotion to the highest league they have ever been in only a few short years ago now, the fans were ecstatic, they had really taken to you, you were with them on the pitch walking around the ground taking the plaudits from every Basingstoke fan.

But then out of nowhere came a bolt out the blue that no one had seen coming other than 1 or 2 people who you had kept close to you. Your vision for the club was to move forward with a new ground away from the much-loved Camrose and step away.

You said very clearly you wanted to leave a good legacy after you had left, you also said you would leave the club in a good position. But once that council decision went against your vision of a new ground instead of picking yourself up and the club and looking at other avenues including staying at the Camrose and redeveloping you threw your toys out the pram, stuck the knife not just into the Football Club but the whole Basingstoke Community and look where the club is now.

You have turned your back on people who laid the foundations before you came in and worked tirelessly to get Basingstoke into a semi professional level who are no longer with us, people such as Taffy Davies, Harold Redstall, Doug Ambrose, John Hacker, Bob Elton, Neil Kimber, Ray Partridge, Gordon Hill and the many players who are no longer with us who gave their all for the club, Simon Edwards, Terry Davies,

Cliff Huxford, Brian Lucas to name but a few, the countless fans who gave time and money to the club, RIP to them all. These people MR Razzak will be turning in their graves at what you are doing right now to the club and the ground, do you not have a conscience Mr Razzak, have you no heart!

He writes: "Mr Razzak you know this is wrong, do the right thing stop all this and return the club to its natural home at the Camrose. "You are a wealthy man. You could leave a legacy for years to come by doing the same as Lord Camrose did. Give the ground back to the club and secure its future so no one can come along and deceive it like you are doing."

Read the full letter on the Gazette's website.

"Basingstoke councillors, Maria Miller, Cllr Simon Bound you are not exempt from all this either, sports wise locally and in general you all sadly lack to support the Town’s sporting activities.

"Why don’t you work with the club and Mr Razzak and get this club back to The Camrose, where it belongs and where it’s best source of revenue streams are.

"I hear we have local elections in May, people need to vote for those councillors who will help the town’s sports teams. The Camrose ground is at the heart of local football and local footballers for many a year and it should remain that way."