A DRUGS gang pinned down a rival runner and used a spoon to remove illegal substances from his bottom, a court has heard.

Basingstoke woman Paige Taylor, 23, extracted the drugs from the victim during a clash with a competitor network, Winchester Crown Court heard today.

The findings emerged on day two of the trial into the murder of London teenager Taylor Williams, who was stabbed to death on Saturday, August 31.

Taylor denies robbery, whilst Olamide Soyege, 28, of Dagenham, and Terence Maccabee, 19, of Southwark, deny murder, knife possession and robbery charges.

Paige Taylor was a part of the so-called Ray network that attempted to rob a runner of the so-called Coco drugs network in a park near Bermuda Close, Popley, according to one witness.

A witness told the court on Friday that Taylor, along with Olamide Soyege attacked the runner, took him into an alleyway by the scruff of his neck and demanded to know who he worked for.

The fracas happened just hours before Taylor Williams’s murder on Saturday, August 31.

Co-defendant Terence Maccabee was also there but played no part, she said.

The runner spat out the drugs, the witness said, telling the trio that it was all that he had, before Taylor used the spoon to take a wrap of drugs out of his anus.

Taylor was then jumping up and down, demanding a “shank”, and saying she needed to get out of Basingstoke, the court heard.

The court heard how the witness was addicted to drugs last summer and had arranged to buy drugs from the Coco network.

With her fiance, she arranged to meet the drugs runner in the park at the end of Bermuda Close, near the Bermuda Community Association.

However, after spotting the runner, the witness also saw Soyege (who she knew as Killer or Kelly after dealings with him whilst he was representing the Monster network), Paige Taylor, another woman and another man who looked nervous. This turned out to be Terence Maccabee.

She tried to warn the runner, saying “that way, that way, quick quick quick”. However, the runner did not hear her, and he was punched in the stomach by Soyege.

“After he spat the one out, Paige was jumping up and down, asking for a shank, saying ‘we’ve got to leave Basingstoke’,” the witness said.

Taylor then sold the drugs to her.

She also told the court that Soyege, as well as another person named Diego, robbed another runner a few months before this incident. “He took his clothes off to shame him,” she told the court.

Diego, whose real name was Frazer Brabant, died recently after being attacked in Gershwin Road, Brighton Hill, on Halloween. The incident allegedly involved a hammer.

He was left in a coma and died in January.

However, the witness was accused of making the story up by Dexter Dias, defending for Soyege.

Mr Dias told the court that she was a liar, who made up the story with her fiancé, after she was humiliated by Soyege earlier that night.

Mr Dias told the court how last summer, she was dependent on drugs. She had previously begged for money to fuel her addiction, and even broke into her sister’s house on Christmas Eve 2006.

She went to a house in Bennet Close, Oakridge, where she saw Soyege sitting in the kitchen.

“Such was your addiction, you were prepared to do anything,” Mr Dias said.

The witness offered sexual favours if Soyege would supply her with drugs, according to the defence. “What you suggested was that you would sort him out if he would sort you out. You would offer him sex if he got you drugs.”

However, Soyege didn’t trust her, saying she was wearing a wire. She took her top up to prove it. Mr Dias told the court that Soyege took her into the next room, where lots of people were gathered, and told them what she had offered.

“He humiliated you and you were angry with him. You were more than angry. You were furious that he had humiliated you in front of other people,” Mr Dias continued.

The witness denied that she had ever been to her house, saying she was at home at the time.

The trial continues.