A teenager was “senselessly” stabbed to death after an attempted robbery by a rival drug gang operating in Basingstoke, a court heard today.

Eighteen-year-old Taylor Williams, from Bromley, died in Shooters Way on Saturday, August 31, 2019 after a stab wound to his chest fatally cut his heart, causing him to lose a litre of blood a suffer a cardiac arrest.

At the opening of the murder trial into the London teenager's death, defendents Terence Maccabee, 19, of Southwark, and Olamide Soyege, 28, Dagenham, denied murder, knife possession and robbery charges.

Paige Taylor, 23, from Basingstoke, also denied robbery.

Winchester Crown Court heard today that Williams had been in a flat in Kingfisher House, Shooters Way, when Maccabee and Soyege entered, locking the door behind them.

Soyege threatened Williams at knife point, according to the prosecution.

Sarah Jones QC continued: “He was seeking drugs from [the occupants of the flat]. He took their phones from them.”

A fight broke out after Mr Williams pushed Soyege who then retaliated with a punch.

The victim escaped via a window after the struggle and realised he had been stabbed.

Blood was later found splattered across the walls, carpet and curtains.

Ambulances attended Shooters Way, where they found Mr Williams in an alleyway, who died en route to hospital.

Maccabee was later found in Normanton Road with four stab wounds, Ms Jones added.

He told paramedics that he was “jumped” in an alleyway.

Earlier that day, the trio are alleged to have robbed an unnamed drugs runner in Bermuda Park, Popley.

Soyege had attacked the runner, demanding to know who he was working for.

Soyege pulled him to his knees whilst Taylor and Maccabee held his arms.

Taylor then pulled down the man’s trousers and removed the rest of the drugs from his bottom.

Soyege later called a separate drug network to arrange a deal at which point Mr Williams answered.

The defendants discovered the network was operating out of Kingfisher House.

It was at this point they entered and confronted Mr Williams, causing him fatal injuries, the court heard.

After the confrontation, an injured Maccabee was left bleeding on the sofa while Soyege changed his clothes.

The pair went to Normanton road where an ambulance was called.

Maccabee told paramedics he was “jumped” in an alleyway.

They deny robbery of class A drugs and conspiracy to rob.

The trial continues.