A COUNCILLOR is calling for extra government funding for Hampshire Constabulary following recent statistics. 

New data from the Home Office shows more than 80 per cent of burglary investigations in Hampshire are closed without officers identifying a suspect. 

Ward councillor for Norden, Paul Harvey, says this is due to “a lack of resources and government funding” which is leaving so many cases without a positive outcome. 

He told the Gazette: “These figures highlight our shortage in officers despite the amazing job they are doing, the force is clearly stretched. 

“When they are called out they are very effective and I think all residents want to feel confident in their police force but it is understandable difficult when there isn’t enough staff to do so.

Home Office figures show that 6,604 residential burglaries reported to Hampshire Constabulary in 2018-19, 82 per cent were closed with the outcome listed as “investigation closed - no suspect identified”. 

This is used when a reported crime has been investigated “as far as reasonably possible” and the case is closed pending further investigative opportunities. 

In eight per cent of these cases, a suspect was identified and the victim supported an investigation but “evidential difficulties prevented further action”.

A further two per cent of cases were closed because the victim declined or was unable to support any further investigation. 

John Apter, chairman of the Police and Federation of England and Wales, said: “With many forces struggling to cope with 999 call demand, and others unable to fill detective positions.

“It is not surprising some crime types are becoming harder to prosecute.”

Raids of garages, sheds and outbuildings are included in the figures, as well as home burglaries 

Cllr Harvey added: “They are clearly in need of resources and I want to see them supported so they can do a full and proper job.” 

Chief Inspector Stuart Ratcliffe, said: “We continue to recognise the high impact that residential burglary has on victims and the wider communities. Burglary has also been a recent district priority for our local teams.”