A BASINGSTOKE mum has threatened to move after a “ruthless” parking company issued her with two parking tickets in a month.

As previously reported in the Gazette, Vivid housing association vowed to terminate their contract with Car Park Management (CPM) after numerous complaints of scrupulously issuing residents with tickets.

The 23-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, moved into her two-bedroom apartment with her partner in July 2018, but has now said she is “not going to keep living here” if her tickets are not removed.

Now the mother-of-one has received her second parking ticket this month despite displaying a valid permit in her designated parking space. 

She told the Gazette: “My car had to go into the garage so I borrowed the family car for the day, but I called up Vivid to make sure it was okay to use before I put my parking permit in the window and parking up. 

“But less than half an hour later, I’d been given a ticket anyway. I’m not going to keep on living here if I’m going to receive a parking ticket every time I drive home.”

Jade has reported seeing parking wardens sat in their cars underneath her window waiting between 40 minutes to an hour for her to move her car. 

She added: “They sit there waiting for residents, even if they're slightly over the white line as soon as you leave the car you’ve got a ticket.” 

Mike Shepherd, Director of New Business and Development at Vivid, confirmed that the company have terminated their contract with CPM which will come into effect in March 2020.

He said: “As part of the contract terms, CPM require a period of notice which will be issued shortly, to terminate the contract during March 2020. 

“A letter will shortly be issued to residents informing them of our proposed change in parking management company and reduced hours of operation. Appeals against parking tickets must be made direct to CPM.

"We welcome residents’ feedback on our proposals and we will make any necessary amendments before submitting them to the local planning authority for approval. 

“Appeals against parking tickets must be made direct to CPM and we’ll work with the company to arrange refunds for our customers who’ve been charged incorrectly.”