THE landowner of the Camrose Rafi Razzak said he is being painted out to the "baddie" over the Camrose covenant saga.

Mr Razzak, whose development company Basron owns the freehold, said he feels "let down".

"All of the good work I have done for the club, the Ark Centre and the rugby club has just been forgotten," he said.

"I introduced plans for a like-for-like stadium at least ten years ago and they were completely ignored. There was no support from the council. That's when I gave up," he said.

"I am really disappointed at their lack of support for the club, they have let us all down. The way the council views community club's is atrocious. They just don't care about them any more."

Looking forward, Mr Razzak told the Gazette that he wished Basingstoke Town the best.

He said his role would be simply helping with the development of Winklebury.

He told the Gazette: "I wish the club the best success but once the application has gone through my role will be to assist the club with their design and instillation with the changes needed for Winklebury.

“I will be meeting with Malcom Mcleod - the building director of Basron Development - on Monday, March 2 to talk through the arrangements further.”

Supporters will be attending the full council meeting tomorrow to address issues with the councillors in person.

He said: “The covenant is not a secret document, it is a matter of public record and always has been.

“I kept the covenant on the lease to protect the football club, I could have closed it completely but I kept it so that the club would stay in the community.”