A MUM has spoken of her terror at being too scared to leave her home after another resident threatened to kill her and threw stones at her daughter’s bedroom window.

Hayley Snyder and her husband Graham, 61, say they are living a nightmare caused by anti-social behaviour from tenants in one of the flats in their block in Melrose Walk, Popley.

The couple have even made arrangements for their four-year-old daughter to live elsewhere because they believe it is too dangerous for her to stay in her own home.

Hayley, 41, has pleaded with Vivid to relocate them, but said the housing association has asked her to provide proof of what’s happening, having been unable to get any information from the police.

This is despite Hampshire Constabulary providing information to the Gazette in January about an armed raid on the block of flats.

Hayley, who delivers medication to elderly people, described the terrifying moment one of the residents threatened to kill her because she refused to answer the security phone to the block.

The mother-of-three said: “She said ‘I’m going to ******* kill you’. She threw stones up to my daughter’s bedroom. Luckily, she was at my sister’s that night and she hasn’t been back since. That was about two weeks ago. I just started shaking. I rang the police and told them she was going to kill me.”

Hayley said the police spent less than five minutes with the woman before leaving her in the block of flats.

“We have got drug dealers coming around every night,” explained Hayley, adding: “At the moment we have got masking tape covering our letterbox just in case anything is put through and we’re having a box put on to contain anything. That’s a solution to one problem in case they put something explosive through our door. They are on drugs so they don’t know what they are doing.”

When she leaves the flats to go to work in the morning, Hayley has to creep out so the tenants don’t hear her.

“My life is awful, I’m not sleeping,” said Hayley, adding: “I have to wear trainers to get out of the building because my work shoes make too much noise, so I have to creep out. The bottom of their door is at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes I wait if I can hear them, which makes me late for work. I just don’t know what they might do.”

In January, the family was woken at 5am to hear banging and shouting coming from the downstairs flat, and watched as armed police and dogs raided the block.

“Our neighbour came out and was told to get back in as they had rifles,” said Hayley.

“In the middle of the night there’s shouting and banging and people shouting ‘let me in’. They broke the window downstairs.

“The other night there was a massive bang and me and my husband jumped out of our skin. I phoned the police and they said it was just kids, but when I spoke to a neighbour, he said it was a man with a hammer outside and they had smashed the window.”

The mum said it is heart-breaking not to have her daughter at home, adding: “She said she wants to be a police officer so she can lock the nasty lady up so she can’t get out. When they threw stones at the window, I thought what if she was there and it broke all over my baby.”

The family has a letter from their GP asking Vivid to relocate them because of concerns regarding their mental health.

Vivid previously told the Gazette that the block is leased to Home Group who manage the flats. 

Derek Streek, head of neighbourhoods at Vivid, said: “We’re very sorry to hear our customer has been threatened and subjected to anti-social behaviour by a local resident unconnected to VIVID. This behaviour is unacceptable, and we’ll provide the necessary support to our customer and their family alongside other agencies.

“We thoroughly reviewed Ms Snyder’s request to move earlier this year however, there was not enough evidence for us to support this request at that time.

“We’ll contact our customer to discuss these more recent issues and will review the option of a relocation again, subject to evidence, to ensure they’re safe in their home.”