A JEWELLERY shop in Festival Place is cordoned off with two police officers on scene after an apparent break-in attempt overnight.

Sledgehammers and a battering ram can be seen outside Beaverbrooks, near to the Wote Street entrance to Festival Place, with numerous holes in the glass.

A bicycle is also seen on the floor, whilst watches can be also be seen dumped inside the cordon.

The circumstances around the break-in are currently unknown.

A spokesperson for Beaverbrooks confirmed that the store was closed today (Tuesday), adding: “We are doing everything we can do assist the police in their investigation and to ensure our colleagues at the store are fully supported.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers and hope to reopen on Wednesday 26 February.”  

Hampshire Constabulary and Festival Place have been contacted for comment.

Beaverbrooks have been targeted numerous times over the previous few years, including in June 2018, when 17 Breitling watches - to the value of around £60,000 - was taken from the store.

It comes after the store was also broken into in April 2016, when more jewellery was taken.