A young driver had a lucky escape after trees crashed down on top of his car during Storm Dennis.

The motorist was travelling on the A33 yesterday afternoon when the branches fell down on top of his vehicle. 

The road was completely blocked between Tesco in Chineham and Sherfield Park.

"I  was driving along and the tree started to fall so I slammed on my breaks," driver Jamie Allaway said.

The branches came down on the police trainer's car but he managed to get out without being injured. 

The 23-year-old from Bramley called it a 'lucky escape' and praised the actions of those around who rushes to help.

"Luckily lots of passengers helped move and cut the tree with saws and managed to get the car free.

"Apart from a few scratches and bumps, the car is all good," he said. 

Kind-hearted Good Samaritans helped redirect traffic and tried to clear the road.

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