The Gazette's petition urging the landowner of the Camrose ground to respect a covenant which could prevent building work from taking place has reached 500 signatures in 48 hours.

This newspaper lauched a campaign earlier this week to bring Basingstoke Town Football Club back to the town while calling on the council to safeguard sports facilities for future generations.

Currently, the Camrose ground is at risk of being developed into 89 houses - despite a covenant in place insisting the land should remain as a football ground until 2053.

Sport England strongly objected to the application and said moving Basingstoke Town to Winklebury would deprieve the borough of a sports facility. 

Hundreds of residents have signed the Gazette's petition within 48 hours of it launching

Paul Miles wrote: "I have followed BTFC for 35 years, the Camrose was home and still should be.

"The landowner has been screwed up the club and should not be allowed to get away with this shameless profit making exercise. Bring BTFC back where it belongs - Basingstoke!"

Darren Whitford said: "I've followed the fortunes of Town for years and feel the Camrose is their home. I believe the council should fully support relocating them back there as it's a very important to the local community & history of Basingstoke."

Sandy Hargreaves: "My husband was a player in the 60's. It's a shame that a local amenity is being treated this way."

Stephen Millar: "It's a crying shame what has happened to the football team. It just shows the lack of commitment that Basingstoke's council gives to our local sports teams."

Peter Gray wrote: "The town needs a football club as it has provided so much support to people especially young lads in and around Basingstoke. The wishes of a deceased resident should also be honoured not so someone or anyone can make a quick profit from."

John Gray added: "Basingstoke Town FC has been a major part of my life, and it kills me to see it being stripped bare for the profit of someone else, trampling over the covenant which was supposed to guarantee football at the Camrose for the foreseeable future." 

Sign the petition and show your support here