The council has found three sites the ice rink could move to but nowhere concrete has been confirmed yet.

Cllr John Izzett told a cabinet meeting on Tuesday night that the administration ‘wishes to see ice continued in Basingstoke’.

But he added there was a risk of a ‘failure’.

It comes after Cllr Andrew McCormick, who is not on the cabinet, attended the meeting to raise questions about the ice rink’s future.

Cllr McCormick said the current ice rink’s life span had ran out at the age of 30.

Cllr Izzett told the meeting: “The administration wishes to see ice continued in Basingstoke, that's something shared by a lot of councillors in the borough.

"There is a long-term opportunity which because of our ambitious joint venture agreement with New River can provide for a new ice rink, subject to viability. There is also an issue, short-term risk of failure and again officers and this administration are working hard alongside Planet Ice and the long-lease holders. 

"We have put the possiblity of three council owned sites as a home for an ice rink. I can reassure him there is an active dialogue at those options so we that can ensure ice continues to be available for residents of the borough.”