A LASTING memorial for six soldiers, who sacrificed their lives trying to defuse a Second World War German bomb which could have devastated Hook railway station, has been called for.

A small plaque has been produced by Second World War re-enactment group, the 25th RE Bomb Disposal group, which discovered the details of the tragic event through some of its research.

The group wants the memorial installed in the ticket office at Hook railway station, but group leader Mike Authers claimed that, after three months, South West Trains has still not allowed the memorial to go ahead.

He said: "This is so people can see that Hook has a little bit of history and also to remember the guys who died there.

"But every time we try to get hold of South West trains we are passed from pillar to post."

The soldiers - driver Fred Gavid, 22, and Sappers Arthur Hill, 20, Ralph Moxon, 21, Douglas Vince, 23, Fred Warner, 23, and Arthur White, 23, who were members of the 6th section of the 48th Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers - died on August 18, 1940.

They were called to deactivate a bomb in a brickyard in Crown Lane, a mile from Hook station.

Tragically, while they were excavating it, the bomb exploded, killing the six soldiers and severely injuring their NCO Lance Sergeant Button.

Councillor Sean Haffey, chairman of Hart District Council, has backed the group's plea.

He said: "It seems that when half-a-dozen young men give up their lives for the country, it would be entirely appropriate that we should put up a memorial to them."

Richard Allen, spokesman for South West Trains, said that the company has no record of the request.

"There are a lot of requests of this nature made and we need to look at it to see if there is a link to the station, if it's local and if there is an appropriate place in the station," he explained.

Cllr Haffey supported the group's cause further by laying a wreath of poppies at the Hook war memorial to honour the soldiers' memory.

The 25th RE Bomb Disposal group, which was formed two years ago, held the ceremony on Sunday, October 28, because members will be at Andover's Remembrance Day parade today.