A THIEF has been hit with a £177 bill after stealing a shower gel and aftershave kit worth less than £10.

Adrian Fearon, of Copland Close, Brighton Hill, last week admitted to stealing a David Beckham shower gel and aftershave kit from B&M in Basingstoke on December 3, last year.

The item was worth £9.99, but the 42-year-old culprit, who pleaded guilty to the offence at Basingstoke magistrates court on January 30, was fined £120 and made to pay a £32 victim surcharge and £25 in costs.

A MAN faces further jail time after “spreading faeces and blood” in a Basingstoke police cell.

Craig Smith, of Sarum Close, Shipton Bellinger, pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place on Sunday, at Basingstoke magistrates the following day.

The 26-year-old also admitted to damaging a mattress in the police cell plus a separate charge of harassing a woman.

He was sent to prison for another seven days and made to pay £100 in compensation for the harassment charge.

A WOMAN has been given a community order after breaching a conditional discharge order.

Arrianna King, of Pershore Road, admitted assaulting two police officers during an incident in the town on Tuesday, January 14.

The offences put her in breach of a conditional discharge issued to her in September, last year, after she had again assaulted two police officers and been found drunk in Winchester Street while looking after a child.

One of the officers assaulted was a victim in both cases.

She admitted the breach in Basingstoke magistrates court and given a community order with 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

She was also made to pay £100 in compensation.

A WARRANT was issued for a Basingstoke man’s arrest after he failed to appear in court.

Anthony Reed, of Quilter Way, had been due to face charges of theft, assault and causing criminal damage after incidents which took place on October 13, 2019.

The 25-year-old is alleged to have stolen alcohol worth £38.64 from Today’s Local and damaged a glass door at the shop worth £245. He is also accused of assaulting a man on the same date.

The warrant was issued after he failed to appear at Basingstoke magistrates court on Thursday, January 30.

Tyler Riley, 3/2, community order after PC assault

A MAN caught driving through a town at 5mph over the speed limit has been fined £333.

Michael Adams, of Arkwirght Close, in Highclere, drove his black Jaguar at 35mph in Whitchurch on August 16, last year. The speed limit was 30mph.

He pleaded guilty via single justice procedure on January 30 and was given three points on his driving licence.

The 64-year-old was also fined £333 and made to pay a £33 victim surcharge and £85 in costs.

A BASINGSTOKE driver caught speeding at 90mph on the M3 has been fined £220.

David Gilmour, of Bunting Mews, drive his Mercedes E200 at 20mph over the 70mph speed limit on the M3 northbound, near Stratton, on October 8, last year.

The 39-year-old was given three points on his license and fined £220 after his guilt was proved via single justice procedure.

He was made to pay a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs, taking his total bill to £337.

A WOMAN who drove 69mph in a 50mph zone has been given five points on her licence.

Victoria Hill, 34 and of Schubert Road, Basingstoke, admitted to speeding on the M27 westbound, between Junction 4 and 5, near Eastleigh, on August 30, last year.

As well as the five points on her licence, she was fined £80 and made to pay a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs, taking her total bill to less than £200.