POLICE have cordoned off parts of Festival Place as they investigate a "suspcious package".

A 100 metre cordon is in place, and Hampshire Constabulary say their enquiries are at "an early stage".


Alex Chubb, who was in the shopping centre at the time, said: "I heard sirens around 3:20 then a lady came into the shop saying they were evacuated for a suspicious package.

"At the moment the whole bottom of church street has been cordoned off because of the 100metre radius."

A spokesperson for Festival Place told the Gazette: "It’s under investigation after a suspicious item was located.

"We have sectioned off the area near Poundland to keep everyone safe and are encouraging customers to leave the building."

Reporter Beth Whittingham, who is at the scene, said that the area near to Lloyds Bank and Patisserie Valerie to Poundland has been cordoned off.

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo: Alex ChubbPhoto: Alex Chubb

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