A mystery account is selling off parts of the Camrose Stadium on eBay - and has already earned 99p for a block of Portaloos. 

The user - named as Jeanne2150 - is currently selling off the terraces for £1,800 as well as a lawn mower for £135.

Rafi Razzak, the owner of the Camrose ground and former club director of Basingstoke Town Football Club, said he has no knowledge of this.

It comes just weeks after the Gazette revealed that diggers were spotted at the site, ripping up the football pitch.

Mr Razzak denied destroying the pitch to make it unusable in the event Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council would order the football club to return to the site.

He said instead they were simply 're-seeding the ground'.

Basingstoke Gazette:

However it has now emerged the club's irrigation system and sprinklers are up for sale for £5,000. 

The unknown seller, who Mr Razzak says is 'nothing to do with him', is auctioning off thestand for £1,800. 

The seller has previously sold the public bathrooms for 99p amid the public uproar of the demolition of the football stadium. 

Both the Basingstoke Town football club and previous owner, Rafi Razzak, told the Gazette they were unaware of the seller auctioning off football stands. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

Kevin White, director of the club, said he was disappointed by the 'insensitivity'. He said: "It's obvious that they are systemmatically breaking down the football ground, they're just pouring petrol on the already emotional fire. 

"This is massively disappointing for the club, and hugely incensitive. Hopefully they will be kind enough to donate the money to the club." 

It comes as the discussion about the future of the football club reaches boiling point. 

After Mr Razzak purchased the ground in 2016, there were grand plans for the team to move to a state-of-the-art £10million stadium in Eastrop Park. Though it was rejected by the council.

In August 2019, the team were evicted and are now playing at Winchester. The plan currently is for Mr Razzak to fund improvements to Winklebury's ground so the side can move there permanently.

But last night, the Gazette broke the news that the covenant - previously touted to be lost or missing - still remains in place. Though what this means legally for the club, remains unclear. 

Today Basingstoke Town Football Club said it would be seeking legal advice on how to proceed. 

Basingstoke Gazette: