THREE lifelong friends have built a sound system they believe to be Basingstoke's biggest ever - and they're now offering their services for musical events. 

Josh Craven, a father-of-two from Basingstoke, joined forces with two pals to build a two-metre tall sound system. 

It took the trio two years to make - and now they've set themselves up as a group called RDR Sound System.

They hope to get work at musical events and say they are particularly interested in volunteering their services at charity events. 

Mr Craven said: “It’s a work of art really. It took two years of hard work and dedication to build it and we are really proud of the outcome. 

He added: “Our goal is to one day perform at Popley music festival and raise money for a range of charities whilst listening to amazing music.” 

You can see the sound system in action at The Railway Inn on April 17.