A BASINGSTOKE family have been forced to move out of their new home after a burglary left them feeling unsafe.

Siva Balan, of Robertson Way in Chapel Gate, said he, his wife and their three-year-old daughter have been left with no choice but to move into a friend's after burglars forced their way into the property using a crowbar.

The incident, which took place at around 5:20pm on Saturday, January 11, has “really disturbed” the family. Siva said he believes thieves took thousands of pounds of jewellery and watches.

He told the Gazette: “There’s been plenty of stress, it’s hard to get over something like this after being violated. I don’t feel safe anymore.”

As a result, he and his family have moved in with a friend where they expect to stay for about three to four weeks.

Siva said he was alerted to an intruder alarm going off via his phone at about 5.26pm, not long after it got dark, at his property while he was out.

He rushed home to find his back door broken into and the alarm smashed with various pieces of jewellery and watches ransacked from inside his house - the exact value is unknown at the moment as a list is currently being compiled with his insurance company.

Although Siva believes this is the first incident of a house being burgled in the new development of Chapel Gate, Siva is aware of what he calls “lots of complaints of people trying to get into cars”.

He described perpetrators as being professional, which was the most alarming thing to him.

He said: “It looks very organised with people looking around to see when people aren’t in.

“It seems they had a metal detector or something as the wardrobes had been ransacked which contained the jewellery, but cabinets which had nothing inside were left.”

Most of the possessions Siva believes were taken are family gifts including rings given to him and his wife from their parents - which hold great personal value.

He continued: “They hold lots of sentimental value, that’s what’s so hard to get over.”

The Gazette contacted Hampshire Constabulary about the incident who confirmed they had attended the call.

A spokesperson for the police said: “I can confirm we were called just before 5.40pm on January 11 to a report of a burglary at an address in Robertson Way.

“Entry was forced to the property and a number of watches and items of jewellery were taken.

“Anyone who saw anything suspicious can call 101, quoting 44200013345.”