HART DISTRICT Council have identified over one hundred thousand pounds of fraudulently claimed council tax discounts, saying they are “cheating” other residents.

The body have identified 325 cases and £125,000 of single person discounts that were incorrectly claimed.

The single person discounts were removed by Hart, and the full charge is now payable.

James Radley, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Finance and Corporate Services, said: “Unfortunately, whilst the majority of those claiming discounts are doing so legitimately, there are some who claim fraudulently.

“Those who are deliberately misleading in their application are cheating other residents out of funds which should be spent on essential services.

“It is important that as a council we take action to deter such behaviour for the benefit of all our residents.”

The council says that single person discount fraud is the most common type of fraud in local governments, which totalled £19.4 million last year.

They say the money should be spent on “critical public services”.