Part of a block of flats has been ripped off due to strong winds as Storm Brendan has swept through the south. 

The side of a residential block in Austen Court has fallen from the top floor and landed in a pile of rubble on the floor. 

Hollie Peace, who lives in a flat opposite, was watching television with her daughter when she heard a 'massive bang' shortly after 9.30pm.

Looking outside, the mother realised a chunk of building from the top floor has been torn off. 

She told the Gazette: "I was sat watching TV with my daughter and I heard a massive bang sounded like a small explosion.

"I looked out of my balcony doors and saw pile of rubble in the courtyard. I looked up as I thought it may have come off the roof but then saw the side of the building."

Hollie got back in touch shortly before midnight to say more of the building was blown off.

She said the fire service and council had been contacted.

Strong gales up to 80mph coupled with heavy rain have lashed down on Basingstoke tonight as motorists have been warned to travel only if necessary. 

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