Dummer council raised their concerns with the upcoming developments of 750 new homes by Hounsome Fields with fears of “history repeating itself”.

During Monday’s parish meeting (January, 14), councillors have declared “a climate of urgency” after numerous problems were raised surrounding Linden Homes design for the layout of the housing estate. 

Their main concerns focused on the narrow roads which affects issues with emergency service access, waste collection routes, and bus routes around the development. 

Dummer Parish Councillor, Julian Jones, told the Gazette: “They are trying to fit too many houses in than they should, and it has resulted in a world of problems. They clearly haven’t learnt from Beggarwood because they’ve repeated the same problems yet again.”

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By maintaining the current layout of the roads on the development, it will remove essential bus routes throughout the development, as well as restricting access for emergency services to seriously ill patients who will need life threatening treatments. 

This also limits access to waste services which will leave tens of homes without feasible access to bin collection points in addition to causing problems with outside parking, particularly as many of the properties are four and five-bedroom homes.

The council clerk, Karen Ross, said: “If they leave these problems the way they are currently, they are going to be a very isolated housing estate with little access to the rest of society.” 

The £90 million development was approved by developers back in September 2016, and will be situated on land off Trenchard Lane next to the A30, near Dummer.

Due to the number of properties being built, there have been talks of forming a new parish within the borough to accommodate for the increase in people in the town.

Linden Homes plans to include a school, a nursery, shopping facilities and four court multi-use games area on site along with the 750 houses proposed on the planning permission.

Julian Jones’ was sceptical at the plans made for the school on site: “I have serious doubts that the school and community centre will materialise - we are still waiting for a school to be formed in Kempshott.”

Basingstoke and Deane borough council were reportedly hesitant to construction of another school in Kempshott over concerns that it would deprive neighbouring schools such as St. Mark’s Primary School. 

The council has submitted their issues with the development and their comments will be referred back to the developers at Linden Homes.