The latest crime figures were revealed yesterday (December 31) as 33 out of the 42 areas record an increase in crime per 1,000 people, with Hampshire topping the table as 22nd most dangerous place to live in England and Wales.

West Yorkshire has been crowned the most dangerous county in England and Wales with more than 100 victim-based crimes per 1,000 people with Hampshire storming ahead with 69.2 reported victims of crime per 1,000 people.

This follows the months of burglaries which have traumatised the borough, with four attacks happening in the space of one evening back in October last year.

Hampshire Constabulary released statistics last month which shows a dip in crimes reported of nearly 250 crimes reported in the Basingstoke neighbourhood as opposed to the 347 reported in September alone.

The police have released their local priorities for Basingstoke North as they collaborated with the community for the past six months to consistently crack down on burglaries in and around the borough.

Hampshire police announced in the Police and Crime Commissioner Budget for last year that: “Significant further savings would be required to balance the budget over the next 3 years; specifically £5.5m reductions to local policing would have to be brought forward by one year (2020/2021).”

According to the Home Office, the findings are proportional to the amount of people living in each police force’s area.