A BASINGSTOKE telemarketing boss, whose firm was found to have made 21 million nuisance calls in four months, has been banned from acting as a director.

Jason Gambling’s Chineham-based company, The Legend Alliance, was investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office after it received complaints in 2016.

The following year the firm went into voluntary liquidation owing £200,000, the BBC reports.

Gambling, 48, of Basingstoke, has been disqualified from owning or managing a company for seven years.

The action was brought by the Insolvency Service, after Gambling did not dispute breaching the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Claire Entwistle, from the Information Commissioner’s Office, told the BBC: “Despite extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Jason Gambling allowed his company to be party to 21 million marketing calls... to people who did not want to receive them.

“Directors of companies who breach regulations that exist to protect members of the public should take heed that... they may be disqualified from running companies for a substantial amount of time.”

Gambling has been a director of seven information and communications firms, one of which is still active, according to the Companies House website.

On LinkedIn, the Legend Alliance which operated from Chineham Business Park describes itself as having the mantra of ‘quality and meeting client expectations’.

“At The Legend Alliance, we take great pride in our professionalism and wide-range of services. Whether an international or local business we take our client relationships very seriously,” the description reads.

The company is now listed as ‘permanently closed’, according to Google.