BASINGSTOKE remains a Conservative strong-hold as Maria Miller holds the seat she has represented since 2005.

In a night when the Tory party has picked up votes all across the county, the Basingstoke MP increased her majority..

Having aimed to receive 30,000 votes, Mrs Miller fell just short claiming 29, 593 votes from a 66 per cent turnout.

Mrs Miller said that the victory was down to the Conservative party having a clear message of getting Brexit done and that is why the party has succeeded at this year’s election.

She said: “This campaign has probably been the most important campaign in our lifetime

“This evening the result coming through is a clear and decisive decision from the people of Basingstoke that they want to get Brexit done so we can move forward with other things.

“I think people of Basingstoke have made a clear choice of how they want to see the country move forward and the decision that has been made is loud and clear.”    

Now being re-elected Mrs Miller and away from Brexit, Mrs Miller said she is looking to push forward on delivering a new hospital in Basingstoke and also is looking to get funding for more police in the town.

When speaking about the election result as a whole, she added that she believes that the result could go someway to restoring people’s trust in politics.

She added: “This campaign was about backing a government with a clear agenda and with a leader who wants to secure a positive future for this country.”

Mrs Miller held her seat with 14,198 more votes than nearest rival, Labour candidate Kerena Marchant, with Liberal Democrat member Sashi Mylvaganam receiving 6,841 votes, Jonathan Jenkin won 2,138 votes with Independent candidate Alan Stone getting 746 votes.