THE OWNER of a coffee shop which sells cannabis oil has described police as ‘misinformed’ after their store was raided but no evidence of illegal activity was found.

As previously reported by the Gazette, Vedas CBD in Church Street was shut down on November 27 after officers searched the property as part of an investigation into the illegal sale of Class B drugs.

But the raid led to no arrests and the owners of the store have firmly denied selling illegal substances.

In a statement to customers, the owner of the store hit out at Hampshire Constabulary, protesting their innocence and claiming that the police were misinformed.

Basingstoke Gazette:

“It is to our most sincere regrets that we must inform our customers, affiliates and close friends that on Wednesday, November 27, our Vedas branch in the Basingstoke town centre, was raided by misinformed law enforcement officers under the jurisdiction, and acting on behalf of, the magistrates court”, the statement read.

It added: “As you will already know, we do not endorse nor practice” of selling Class B drugs, which is illegal.”

The cafe sells cannabis oil-infused cakes, coffees and teas - which are, according to the statement, non-psychoactive and have less THC than the legal limit.

This includes their CBD buds, which were the items confiscated.

The store was closed on the afternoon of the raid, but has re-opened since.

The owners added: “At such a solemn time, we are in desperate need of some support & solidarity from our customers and friends.”

Vedas CBD only opened in Basingstoke in October. Mr Bracey first came across CBD when his late grandfather was diagnosed with throat cancer. He said he was inspired to go into business after witnessing the benefits first hand.

Inspired by the benefits of the product, Fraser decided to set up a business selling CBD and opened the café in Church Street, Basingstoke.

The cafe has items for sale with CBD including sweets, chocolate and tea, as well as offering shots of CBD in coffee.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary confirmed to the Gazette that their investigation into illegal drugs supply was “ongoing”.