FOUR homes near Basingstoke were burgled within a matter of hours this week in what police suspect to be “part of a larger series of burglaries” occurring in the area.

The targeted properties were in Athoke Croft and Hawthorn Rise, in Hook, with the incidents taking place on Thursday, December 5, sometime between the hours of 12.15pm and 7.20pm.

The burglaries are currently being investigated and police have asked any potential witnesses for their assistance.

A statement from Hampshire constabulary read: “Did you hear anything out of the ordinary? Did you see anything out of the ordinary? Do you have CCTV coverage of the nearby area or road?

“If you can answer yes to the above or if you have any other information that may be used to further our enquiries, then please call 101.

“Leave what ever information you have, along with your contact details under crime reference number: 44190438051 so that an officer can contact you if required.”

The burglaries are believed to form part of a larger series of burglaries which are occurring over a vast area, police say.

Officers have reassured the community that such incidents are being investigated and increased patrols of the Hook area are already underway.

“In addition to the advice provided we are also asking that you do not advertise the fact you are not home.

“Leaving notes to delivery drivers can often be a clear indication that a resident is away from the property.

“Please also ensure side gates are locked and secured as offenders will often use the rear of a property to gain entry.”