A BUSINESS from Hook has been named amongst the fastest growing companies in the country.

Intevi, a digital solutions company that are based in the village, were listed 77th on the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, which lists the private companies in the UK with the fastest growing sales.

Released last week, results show that Intevi’s sales grew by 50 per cent over the last three years.

This is news that founders and directors Tom Scott and Adam Wilson were delighted at.

“We set up the company in 2011, so we’ve been going for eight years, we’ve grown every year,” Mr Wilson said.

“We started off as two men and we didn’t even have a dog, there was no loans, no investment, it was all self-investment and the organic growth to where we are now is incredible.

“We win loads of industry awards, but this sort of thing you can send it to your nan and she cuts it out, so there’s a bit more of a kudos I think to something that’s non-industry specific.”

The pair, who have expanded their company to the US, Poland and Spain in recent years, put their success down to their employees.

“Some of it is hard work, but a lot of it is down to the good people we have working for us and the customer that’s going to believe in the message that we sell, that’s what we’re all about,” Mr Scott added.

“We’ve grown here because we give great customer service.”

Mr Wilson continued: “Because we believed in the model, there was never a doubt that this would work. There are times where it’s hard, people don’t pay you on time, all of those small business things, but you have to stick to your beliefs and keep driving forward.”

The company are targetting further expansion in the US and eventually Asia as they continue to grow.