Former owner’s fault?

HOW can the former owner of Basingstoke Town Football Club, claim it is not his fault, for the delay in upgrading the new ground (Gazette, November 28, page 21, ‘Ex-club owner says he is not to blame’)?

This whole sorry mess involving the club, is his fault. It was him, who bought the lease on the Camrose, for himself, not the club. It was him who evicted the club and forced them to ground share this season. It was him, who then linked compensation money, 'graciously' offered, to planning permission being granted for the development of the Camrose. He talks about 25 years of support for the club, and the money he has put in, he will certainly be well rewarded now. But it shows that after 25 years, he has no empathy with the club or supporters. Was he just waiting for the lease to come up for sale?

How does he expect the club to survive, let alone prosper on vastly reduced revenue. Planning permission has now been submitted. But even, when granted, how can the club start the improvements. They cannot book contractors, as they have no idea when money will be available to pay them. There is work required, not subject to planning permission, but again costing a lot of money. Even this cannot be started.

So yes, Rafi Razzack, it is all your fault, and you obviously do not care, it's just another business deal to you. But, you can still do the honourable thing, and give the club the money it deserves now.

David White. Coates Close, Basingstoke