IT WAS Brexit, now it’s the election.

You never knew if we were really going to leave the EU, and now you haven't a clue who will win the election. Of course, the only party that could take us out of the EU, if they get a majority, is the Conservatives. So, it really is make your mind up time.

The Lib Dems want to remain in the EU. Labour wants to renegotiate the Brexit deal and get a better one, and then have a referendum, in which they would campaign to remain in the EU. The Scottish Nationalist Party want to remain in the EU and leave the UK. I could go on listing the parties and their preferences regarding Brexit, but what's the point.

The election campaign is of course about more than Brexit, but the fundamental point as far as I am concerned is do you want the result of the referendum upheld or not? If you do, vote Conservative. If you don't, vote Lib Dem. Or vote Labour and have another referendum. Simples.

Oh, and if you're Scottish and leave the UK, good luck with your request to join the EU, although how you expect Spain to vote in favour of you joining the EU with all the trouble they have with Catalonia is beyond me.

Brian Simmonds, Belmont Heights, Hatch Warren.